Anonymous whispered:

One of the first things that pops to mind is the story of How I Met Arian and Princey

So it’s the second day of ColossalCon and I’ve literally just come down the stairs when some guy in a red plaid wig with pale skin and short black hair fucking drops to one knee and hands me a bright red flower.

"From one vampire to another," he smirked. I accepted, totally baffled and swooning internally, and wore the flower in my hair the rest of the day.

I had to ask my room mate who the fuck that was - Marshall Lee - and that is ALSO the only reason I started watching Adventure Time.

Part Two comes from when I ran into Arian for the first time and Princey, who was now a Sollux who called out to me when I was mingling with other Homestucks.  We chilled for a bit before the shoot, then later I drug Princey into the bathroom to fix her God Tier Pants.  Then I got Blackrom pics with Arian and we pretty much just bonded the whole time.

On the last day Arian and I hung out almost all day until I needed to go.  I almost left without saying goodbye, as I was dying of thirst and she promised to find me water before I headed home.

Moments before I head out the door, a very casual Eridan saunters down the hallway, holding an honest to god ampora of water above his head that he stole from off a table.  I chugged it with Gamzee and then went home.


god I miss everyone so much we just need to all live together forever